Naik Manzur Hussain (Tamgha-e-Jurat)

In Leepa - Kiani sub sector, on a morning of September 2000, Indian soldiers launched an attack on a Pakistani post with the help of Indian commandos. In the dense jungle and cloudy weather, the enemy was just about to reach the post when a Pakistani soldier spotted them. Nervous to see the soldier, they opened fire and also threw some hand grenades.

On hearing the blasts, Nk. Manzoor took his position in the bunker with other soldiers. As the post commander, he climbed out of the bunker and moved ahead from the post so that the Indians could not capture the post. Manzoor fired at the attacking enemy with his light machine gun. On the effective retaliation, the enemy got tense and in panic threw grenades at Manzoor, he threw some hand grenades back onto the enemy but some grenades exploded near his feet which seriously injured his lower legs. He got injuries in his hands and legs. Unable to stand, Manzoor kept on firing at the enemy. This courageous act spoiled the efforts of the Indians and they were forced to retreat.

Following the event, Gen. Pervez Musharraf visited the forward area to boost the morale of the troops and awarded Tamgha-e-Jurat to Nk. Manzur who was lying injured on a stretcher. He congratulated Naik Manzur for his bravery and expressed "My son, the whole nation is proud of you." This is the reason the morale of Pakistan Army remains high. Gen. Musharraf also inspected the weapons which were left behind by the retreating Indian soldiers, which include automatic rifles, mortar rockets and machine guns.

It should be remembered that Indian Army attacked the post on 18 September 2000 and 19 September 2000. Despite Indian Army's two attacks on the same post, Pak Army soldiers spoiled their both attempts.

Gen. Musharraf inspecting captured weapons of Indian Army.

Gen. Musharraf congratulating Nk. Manzur for his bravery.